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Even in Latin America, the region with the highest coverage of antiretroviral treatment, discrimination and homophobia continue to be common factors in all countries. On the other hand, machismo and ideological and religious underpinnings perpetuate discrimination and harassment of gay and bisexual men and their families, limiting the full enjoyment of human rights and even pressuring them to roll back important gains for sexual diversity communities.

Gay Latino men in the United States

The ever-changing landscape of the demographic background of U.S.-based Latinos presents us with unique challenges in addressing the health disparities of this population, especially with respect to their HIV prevention needs. Latinos are the largest and fastest-growing ethnic-racial minority group in the U.S., with a 43% growth between 2000 and 2010. Data also indicate that Latinos are one of the fastest-growing populations at risk for HIV transmission.

Latino men who have sex with men (MSM*) account for 81% of new infections among Latino men and 19% of all MSM overall.
Latinos make up 16% of the U.S. population but account for 17% of people living with HIV/AIDS and 20% of new infections each year.
Young people (13-29 years of age) account for 45% of new HIV infections among Latino MSM.

These data point to the need to identify the culturally specific health needs of Latino gay men in order to create effective interventions that address current health disparities and prevent future ones. The U.S. National HIV/AIDS Strategy underscores the need for HIV programs that reduce inequities among ethnic-racial and sexual minority populations. Latino gay men have distinct multicultural identities that place them in both prioritized categories.

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